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🏆 Well woohoo—my team Munster just won the URC final, away in Cape Town against the reigning champs! 🏆

First trophy in 12 years, nice—not that trophies matter to true supporters, but it's nice to shut the childish louts up once in a while.

Sure won this the hard way, last 5 games were away incl 3 in SA and one in Scotland… 4 wins and a draw from that run.

It's been a rebuilding transitional season after big changes to the coaching staff, and started unsurprisingly with 5 losses in the first 7 league games. A win over the touring South Africa A side in November signaled that systems were starting to gel, and we only lost 2 of the last 11 league games.

With the addition of SA teams 2 years ago, the URC has become probably the second-best rugby union league in the world—it now has 4 SA, 4 Wales, 4 Ireland, 2 Scotland, and 2 Italy. SA are current world champs, and Ireland current world #1 team, so top quality stuff.

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More Woohoo 🏆, my team just won their 4th-in-a-row All-Ireland Hurling title! That's only been done twice before since it started in 1887, and 5-in-a-row has never been done.

It's not like we are a dominant side—prior to 2018 win, our previous title was in 1973, and the one before that was 1940. So it is very sweet, for however long it lasts.

70-minute game, 2 almost non-stop 35m halves—remarkable for amateurs.



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I've never seen hurling before. It's like baseball, hockey, American football, and European football all got together, did some gene splicing, and had a baby! They've even got two different scores: American football goals and European football goals!
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Jason Statham was more succinct…
"a cross between hockey and murder"
…which I can let pass.

Even tho it seems Bruce Springsteen is a hurling fan and follows Limerick, I can't see the baseball or American football comparisons, while football can only compete in the individual ball skill aspect.

Hurling is considered by many to be the fastest, oldest and most skillful field sport in the world—for speed & skill assessment see the video above, while for age it's at least 3,300 years old in written mentions.

Lacrosse would be the one which can compete intermittently on speed, rather than hockey.
I used to watch football, it's almost compulsory here. Like if you don't support England you are not being patriotic. But it was often disappointing because of the play and results(I preferred watching Argentina or Brazil, don't tell anyone;))

Now I'm all for equality, it works both ways as both men and women are freed from traditional stereotypes. It seems to me that women's football is revitalising the game. They won the Euros(and beat Germany which the men's team rarely could) and there is a whole legion of new fans watching the games and young women taking up the game.

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I've only seen bits of the World Cup, but the quality is excellent.
Yes I haven't really been following football, but I am aware of the growing media coverage since the 'Lionesses' won the European championship and are progressing in the World cup. Also a growing mixture in the youngsters playing in the parks.

I was talking to a guy other days who was a gamer, it's a bit like talking to someone in our secret group.
He was telling me his sister is studying game development and had just spent nearly £3000 on a new system.

I think both in some sports and some professions there has been some exclusivity and also a whole wealth of untapped talent. No longer:)


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The Royals have a seven game winning streak! That's not normally all that noteworthy in baseball with its 162 game seasons. The thing is, the Royals stink this year. They weren't even winning 30% of their games!

You know, if they could win the remaining 51 games, they could make the playoffs.... ;)
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since the 'Lionesses' won the European championship and are progressing in the World cup
I haven't seen them or USA yet, just some highlights from Japan's games—don't recall what accident got me to click on them :unsure:

It's definitely becoming more competitive now tho, with both Brazil and Germany failing to make the knockout stage for the first time.

Only a month away from Rugby World Cup now… 🏉
USA just got surprisingly knocked out by Sweden
As Zloth said, not a surprise, especially with the Brazil & Germany results I mentioned.

Sweden beat USA 3-0 in the last Olympics, so it's not like they're an underdog. Also USA were missing half their starters thru injury, incl the captain, so yeah, not a surprise.

Not good to miss 3 penalty kicks tho :(

Although I have limited interest in sports, I do appreciate what atheletes achieve. Just try leaping over a 2.45 M high pole backwards or attempting a triathlon. And the passion when all their hard training pays off is palapable.

But I do find this cross over between gaming and sports intriguing. Like the angling simulators that sports shops now have so anglers can try out different equipment before buying.

This is the new Gran Turismo film, based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough who won the Gran Turismo gaming competition and went on to become a pro race car driver.

^I've never heard of the 'slap off' stuff. It sounds like something English or French gentlemen did before the invention of the duelling pistol.

I remember another factor that put me off football. Watching diving spoilt millionaires prancing around for the cameras.
But the women's game is fresh, they are talented (and fit), and even those traditionalists who resisit change are now letting patriotism win then over.

England semi final.
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