Spider-Man Miles Morales Highlights

Just a little holiday cheer for you all. :D

It seems Spidey Miles has been busy dropping in on his friends at Roxxon to hang mistletoe on the ceiling, crank up the holiday lights, and wish everyone a Feliz Navidad!

Of course there were some Scrouges who said Bah Humbug and tried to stop him, so he had to jump through hoops on the festively decorated streets to escape.

Afterward, he saw a drone racing course setup in Central Park, and decided to have a go at zipping through it just for fun.

I've got a few more highlights to show. These include Combat and Stealth challenges and Peter's Final Test, one of the more interesting Crimes, a few Underground Hideouts, and a side mission called We've Got A Lead.


Oddly enough I struggled most with the level 1 Combat challenge. Once I used the perk that comes with beating it via the lowest Amazing score though, which is being able to get some extra swings when twirling objects, it was a piece of cake.


This is a Crime where the Underground have hacked a few satellite dishes to play havoc with a chopper. I did poorly at it the first time it came up for me, and it took a while for it to pop up again, so I decided to drop what I was about to do when Ganke gave me the heads up for it.


These are like a different version of the Fisk Hideouts from Spider-Man Remastered, except these guys can overwhelm you with their bioenergy powers if you're not careful.

Side Missions

Speaking of Fisk, this side mission has a pretty bizarre bug where when talking to Fisk over a laptop, he appears strangely. Rather than me explain what that means, just look at the video thumbnail before viewing it and you can see for yourself.

Miles copy pasted most of the content from the main game though, most of the gameplay and world. This is why I don't rate it that highly but if you play Miles first you probably rate it higher than me.
I disagree, I think they changed about as much as was needed to give a unique perspective into the spider verse, without trying too hard and ending up with something that doesn't really fit into the spider verse. You DO at least get it has to be thematically fairly similar don't you to make sense?
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I've now completed this game and found it to be very good. It also has a more emotionally driven story than the base game. It's pretty well written and voiced, and the gameplay is both challenging and forgivable with the enemy powers you face, and the powers you have. It has spectacular effects and the ending doesn't disappoint. I had read upon first playing it that some were calling it a bug riddled mess, but I only encountered very few minor bugs.

One thing I had a problem with a bit more so than in the base game was unintentional use of gadgets. It's mostly due to this game having more controls due to bindings for Venom Powers. However it was also my fault for not looking through the controls menu thoroughly. Next and Previous Gadget was bound to scroll Up and Down on the mouse. I have since deleted those bindings at the start of the final mission and don't have the problem anymore.

Note, one cool thing about this game is you can replay all main and side missions, crimes and social activities, once you beat the game. A few of these were captured as mission replays.

Corporate Espionage

This is a mission where Miles infiltrates the Roxxon lab where Nuform was first developed to find Phin's lost phone, which has the info he seeks on it. This mission has a main character reveal, so spoiler warning.

Underground Undercover

This is a mission where Miles talks to Phin about her Underground gang and says he wants to help her. However she still has no idea who he really is, and what he really wants. She lets him join Underground, and he goes snooping.

Curtain Call

This is a mission where Miles investigates how Phin plans to use Nuform, and plans to take it from her. This is where she finally finds out who he is.

Tinker Tailor Spider Spy

This starts out as merely an attempt for Miles to meet with Phin and talk, but Krieger has other plans. We also find Rhino, who's now working for Krieger, is equipped with a new suit that's resistant to Miles' "Zappy Pops", which of course has to be my new nickname for Spidey Miles.

This mission when I first tried it seemed very hard. I found the key to it is you MUST either lure or steer Rhino into a tank to stun him, otherwise it takes a LOT longer to destroy his armor. The 2nd phase is the hardest, but it's easier if you use camouflage to build up Venom when you need it, and toss the engines.

Thicker Than Blood

This is a fairly tough fight against The Prowler. He uses camouflage, and has some powerful attacks that are hard to see coming.

Like Real Scientists

After Miles finds a piece of the science project he and Phin made is the last part of her Nuform weapon, he seeks to take it before she can get it. Along the way you're transported back to the day all winning projects were on display via a flashback.

The Battle For Harlem

This is the final showdown between Miles and Phin, and she's not messin around. This is a fairly hard fight, but if you can manage to dodge her attacks while your camouflage is recharging, you can sneak in some easy attacks. It takes pretty good timing to attack her without camouflage, but if you manage to see her get her sword stuck in the ground amidst a TON of dodging, it makes it easier. I honestly did it mostly by getting the feel of her attack/stuck pattern.

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