Soulcalibur VI on PC was seriously wounded but the soul still burns

I guess since 2017, I have maintained a level of suspicion that Bandai Namco Studios like most Japanese developers have always hated PC gamers and my suspicion has been confirmed through the announcement of Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Maxi Boost On, a game from the same developers that made SoulCalibur VI, Tekken 7, Ace Combat 7, Tales of Berseria and Code Vein. While fans of those games have celebrated their release on PC, it is apparent to me that those games have really only sold the bare minimum required to tell the developers to keep making PC games and the recent Gundam announcement shows that the bare minimum is no longer acceptable.

If the devs are to keep making PC games, a mass purchasing of the upcoming Tales of Arise will need to be organized so as to tell the devs to not abandon PC gaming entirely. this is especially important for fans of Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur VI as the notion of those games getting next-gen console ports is extremely likely so as to sell another Season Pass moving on from the current lineup of DLC, and allowing Tales of Arise to fail will result in the PC versions of those games being abandoned in favour console-only updates.

To those who want Bandai Namco Studios' franchises to continue getting releases on PC, keep in mind that the fight for their PC support is a never ending battle and it will be necessary to purchase games that you may not necessarily be interested in just because they're made by the same people who have worked on games that you'd rather have.

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Not a chance. I buy games because I want to play them, not because I want them to make more games for my platform. If lots of PC gamers like the games I do then more will show. If not, not.

I guess since 2017, I have maintained a level of suspicion that Bandai Namco Studios like most Japanese developers have always hated PC gamers...
That's a load of bull. Japanese developers do NOT hate PC gamers. The very concept is bizarre! What about the many people who play both PC and console games? Do they hate them while they are on PC but not while they are using a console!?
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I seem to recall reading that the number of PC games in Japan doubled in the last two years. Ports of older games like the Yakuza and Shenmue series as well as big name franchises like MGS and Monster Hunter finding a home on the PC seems to bear out the theory that PC gaming has actually never been stronger in Japan.

Voting with your wallet isn't in itself a terrible idea, but trying to game the system like this doesn't seem wise or necessary. Then again, maybe you have more disposable income than most.
The only developers that seem to genuinely care about theirr PC releases seem to be Capcom, From Software and Idea Factory. Every other developer from Japan seems to use Nippon Ichi Software's Cladun X2 as a benchmark on how to approach their PC releases. This in turn results in a situation where the devs will expect fans of ANY of their franchises to like ALL of their franchises for no other reason than the fact that they chose to game on PC. Should any of their games fail, they'll never make PC games ever again, and I think such a failure will hurt fighting games the most since such an abandonment will also mean that such games will miss out on all future content while Playstation and Xbox roster will slowly grow.

Manipulation of sales figures seems to be the only way to tell a Japanese developer to continue their PC support.


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