Software Inc. Is a hidden gem

Aug 30, 2022
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I've owned this for several years, and it keeps getting better and better. The devs are active, although a bit slow. The game is currently in beta, but honestly feels decently polished for an indie game. The graphics aren't anything amazing, but who's playing an sim game for the graphics.

I've looked around the PC Gamer website and to my surprise couldn't find any articles or reviews about this game. Since it is in beta, a review probably wouldn't be appropriate, but maybe any article talking about it would be. I want to see the spotlight on this game, because I genuinely believe in this game and know that if more people knew about it that it would skyrocket in popularity.

Anyone here have experience with this game? If so, what's your opinion?
I checked out the game on steam, and I must say it looks interesting for a management sim.

also, the dev looks interesting as a one man operation solo dev. and the update on the steam page is recent to, plus good overall reviews.

Although I can't tell if I'd want to purchase it myself, though I've played management sims in the past on different platforms. 😁