Skyrim anniversary edition

Feb 28, 2023
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Does anyone has this bug with skyrim anniversary editon,when you slow time with a bow or a shout dragon's animation freezes or just moves in 30 frames?
I didn't initially respond because I don't play the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. I have the free anniversary update blocked as I have a large mod list for Skyrim SE and don't want to have some mods possibly broken. So I have no way of knowing if that issue you're having is linked exclusively to the Anniversary Edition or some other issue. You didn't really provide much information to work with, such as any mods you might have installed.

Follow @Zloth 's advice and try explaining your issue on the Steam Discussion's for Skyrim AE, and be as detailed as possible. If it's a mod conflict, check with the mod(s) author(s), as well as trouble-shooting your mod installations.