Should I cancel my order??


I posted a few days ago about buying a PC for my son. After I called today to upgrade, I was "forced" haha, to upgrade the processor and other things that I did not intend to. This PC was the only one I could get shipped before xmas...I did not have the option to upgrade or change anything, as this is an "in stock" item.

I welcome any and all thoughts! If these parts do not work well together, I will cancel the order and just wait until after xmas when other parts are available.

The PC:

Alienware Aurora R11

Intel Core i7 10700KF (liquid cooling)

Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 super 8 GB

16 GB dual channel hyper x fury @ 2933 MHz


Liquid Cooling chassis, 1000 watt power supply


Alienware 1920 x 1080, 240 Hz

My thoughts:

***i have no idea what liquid cooling is

*** memory: the only option is 2933 MHz
I can upgrade to 3200 MHz but it wouldnt be an xmas delivery date. I dont know how important it is to have 3200MHz or if we would be ok with 2933 MHz.
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Im hoping the 2933 wont be too...slow? Idk the term. But we shall see, i guess.

And he is pretty lucky. I will say though, my budget for this has been blown out of the water. And the ONLY reason its somewhat acceptable is so I wont have to buy him another computer for years to come (i hope.) He got a Ryzen 5 3600 last xmas and already feels the need to upgrade. My hope is this pc lasts a few years!