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Aug 23, 2020
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So a family friend us trying to sell me a computer package for $1,950 here are the specs and I am not computer savvy and want to know if this is a good deal. Also how would this GPU and CPU perform for a casual gamer?

Amd ryzen 2700x, msi b450 Tomahawk, EVGA 2070 SUPER Black, 32gb corsair vengeance @3200MHz, 2tb Seagate HDD, 256GB Samsung NVME, 650 watt Corsair PSU, Corsair 200R case, wifi6 card samsung crg9 ultrawide monitor
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My advice would be to decline, politely but firmly.

You could probably build something with new parts for a similar price, maybe even less. And that would actually have a warranty, unlike the 2nd hand goods that have no warranty.

There isn't really an upside to the offer.
It ultimately doesn't really matter if it's 2 years or 2 minutes old.

You're not the original owner of the parts, so no warranty for you for most of the components. And it's not a saving / enough of a saving to make it worthwhile.

If you have $2000 to spend for a casual gaming setup, there are better and/or cheaper options.