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After all the Rust talk on Twitch these days, I decided to try out Rust again as a solo player. Around 100 hours in time and years since the last time I tried it out, so it took some time to get used to the mechanics again. Here is my experience after around 5 days:

Day 1. Started building a base near the monuments for easily accessing loot. Quickly found out that was not the greatest of ideas as I got killed pretty easily by raiding groups. I decided to take my build to a small island on the eastside, close to the ocean, and with just enough resources to build a 2x2 base (at least I think it is). The small island was the better choice with fewer people to engage with. Spent most of the day gathering loot and scouting for potential threats.

Day 2. Decided to avoid all the main roads and the loot on them and went purely for ocean loot. Was lucky to get a boat and some fuel early on and went on a good 30 minutes of looting a lot of good stuff. I even got a full diving set that helped a lot getting set up early, not to mention several different harvesting tools, scrap, and melee weapons. Being able to dive has so far been really good for avoiding enemies and for feeling like a Navy Seal sneaking back home after a loot run.

Day 3. While the inside of my base is a complete mess with loot boxes filled to the brim, I decided to make it a little cozy on the outside, so it would look nice for people coming to visit my area. I have gotten most of the resources for reinforcing my base but decided to wait with the upgrading as I kind of liked the rustic wood finish.

Day 4. The base is coming along great and I even managed to get protection from another base just outside the island. I'm polite to anyone I meet and never attack first. I believe this helped to make a bond with this particular group. Often they visit me to ask how it is going and to kill off toxic players. As a token of our friendship, I gave them some of the stuff I found from the ocean.

Day 5. The wipe is closing in and I decided to finally upgrade my base and make it a little more intimidating. Less cozy, more traps. I put bear traps all over the outside and often I hear small squeaks from newbies getting trapped in them. I also put a shotgun trap inside for that extra welcome in case someone decided to raid that way. Got a medium armor set, nothing fancy, and hundreds of bullets for my revolver and double shotty. Managed to raid four bases so far and while those have been with wooden doors, the loot has been ok. This will be the last day of posting and most likely my base will not survive wipe day, but we'll see.

Any Rust experiences you would like to share? Perhaps you have a journey to tell yourself?
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@Lutfij Got a cut on something rusty last year and I got a shot that will last for around 10 years. Rusty nails, be very afraid!

Rust is a fun game, though it takes some time to get used to. A LOT of toxic players and you definitely can't be hugging your items too closely as they will most likely vanish before your eyes in a split nanosecond. I recommend finding a big group to build a base with and to quickly learn the ropes. Going on a 10x server is also a nice and fast way to try out building and crafting different stuff.
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Oct 20, 2021
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When I first played rust, I only played solo, and my heart was always pounding when I had to get out of my base, when I had to find resources, PvP, raid enemy bases, and when I get online raid of course. This game really feels like real and fun, especially when we find a toxic player, it's going to piss you off, but it's fun. And after playing this game for a long time, I finally realized that we have to prepare a lot of time to play this game, honestly :LOL:


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