Seriously what they already managed to do it? Release cheats on Call of duty: Warzone?

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Mar 23, 2020
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I don’t understand what a person may have in his head the game came out not long ago and already cheats have been released on it! What kind of person should be, I don’t understand who should do anything and he’ll just do cheats, how do you feel about this personally I’m negative!

Well, you just look, is it so interesting to play? Or what?

If I got this person who cheats, I would do that to him. I have the worst thing on my mind about cheaters.

Are there any cheaters on the forum?
So why did I make this thread? Yes, just to let you know that there are no barriers to the coders who make cheats, they just create cheats for any games, the game did not manage to exit and they already created cheats on it, is this normal?

Just a few minutes ago, I’m playing, I’m not touching anyone, I’m threatening anyone, I’m playing for my pleasure, I’m just running around, I’m running out of nowhere, a person appears and kills me and my squad right in the head for 2 seconds. Is this normal for a new game? She did not have time to get out and they already want to **** her up with cheaters. And these cheats in free access can be downloaded by any fool and play with them, awesome of course!

Okay, I wrote a lot. Because of the nerves to these people ... What do you think about them, I would love to hear from you, and have you had any experience with cheats and in which game?


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Jan 17, 2020
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That is a lot of font variety =P

I too dislike cheaters in multiplayer games. I do admittedly cheat on single player games on my second play through. I do this to see what options I missed in RPG's or just to have fun rolling through a level like the bad ass I made.

As far as multi-player goes, it is an easy way for somebody to feel better at something than others, true or not. Same with the folks who used to screen peek while playing halo back in the day. Though now days, as we play on an international stage and with all levels of players, some folks realize they cannot compete fairly, so they cheat. Is it ok? Absolutely not, but there isn't much we can do.
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The problem is not really the people making the cheats. The problem is the people who use them. One way to combat it is to be as strict as possible and permaban them and their whole game library (Uplay as an example) after a reasonable warning(s) with time-limited bans has been sent. Will that help? No, not nearly enough. This is a mentality issue and the best solution for the problem is for the player who cheats to grow up and learn from his or her mistakes. The problem is though: Some people never grow up... Let me be clear: This is the cheater who uses the program or any other major exploits purely for being extremely toxic or to win. There are some though who use them for completely different and more, shall I say, noble reasons. For example: Finding other cheaters. Still bannable of course, but I am trying to see this from different perspectives.

Edit: Since my last paragraph was touching on the forum rules about not talking about particularly cheats/exploit (even if this one was patched almost 14 years ago) I decided to let it rest. My point was: Nobody is perfect and at times we realize we do mistakes. The best thing is to learn from them and evolve as a human being - to become the best yourself that you can possibly be.
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Jan 14, 2020
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People who create cheats are obviously also a huge part of the problem. They are not just enabling other people do cheat, they also use cheats to make profit giving other players a bad experience and in some cases they can seriously hurt a game/developer.

Over the years, I have read some articles/interviews etc where they asked cheater why the cheat. You seem to have two major groups.

1. Trolls.
2. Self-indulged people.

I don't think we need say a lot about the first group. You always have people that simply want to ruin other people and take joy in seeing other people suffer and reacting emotionally to getting cheated on.

The second group is a bit more interesting. A lot of these people said that they actually think they are good at a certain game, but some outside factor is keeping them from playing on a certain level. A example would be somebody who thinks he belongs in a high rank in a competitive mode, but he is below that rank. But its obviously not his fault, its always something else and in some cases there is even some truth in this. I personally think that in some games some version of "Elo Hell" does exist in some form. These people that cheat to basically "take whats rightfully theirs".
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