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Dec 12, 2020
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would you know of any FPS game similar to csgo/valorant, that is to say, rather simple and for which it is easy to get high framerates. I would like a game where there is not much to learn, a game mainly based on aiming, where rushing is favored. Ideally, it would be even simpler than csgo/valorant, and less based on camping and holding angles. Rather, it would be based on rushing, creativity during action, aiming. A game thought toward competition. Simple, sober, efficient.
I don't really like csgo's bulletspread and general aiming mechanics.

Let's imagine this game:
Overall format: Like CSGO. Except no weapons to buy. 5on5. One side has to plant 1 bomb among 2 possible bombs (this way, sides are balanced).
Weapons: You choose between sniper rifle and machin gun (primary weapon), and you spawn with 1 grenade et 1 pistol as well. Nothing complicated here, you are either a sniper or an MG.
Weapon/Aiming mechanics: Damage should be large outside the head (unlike in csgo) and shooting 3-4 bullets anywhere in the middle of the body should be enough to kill. Aiming for the head above all is not really something I'm a fan of. The grenades would have their trajectory altered with random noise, so that training for prepared nades is not a thing anymore.
Maps: For this game to not be about skills specific to the game itself and its particular maps (like you need to know the timings, the usual moves and spots, in order to compete in csgo for instance), the maps would be randomly generated at each game, using artificial intelligence. Which means that the map itself is unknown, new, and unique for each game. And this way, there is no way to geek the map up (prepare tactics and nades). There would be a minimap where you see the map layout (like in csgo) with the location of the 2 bombs, and the location of your teammates.
Technical aspects: Thanks to a sober game without complicated graphics, it would be easy to run 500+ FPS. This way, it would be compatible with the new generation of high refresh rate monitors, and motion clarity could try and approach real human experience (I own a 360 Hz monitor and it is a substantial improvement for competitive FPS, thanks to better stroboscopics - there is still a very significant room for improvement in this regard, and it is admitted by experts that 1000 Hz monitors are the future). Other technical aspect: cheat protection. The game design should be made with the constraint to not allow for cheats (I mean, the way the game works should be defined according to the constraint of having a highly-secure anticheat - say, very naively, that the client is not receiving information that he is not supposed to know?).
Game experience: Rather fast paced, even though you don't respawn. Random maps, no need for prior knowledge and training. Simple bullet spread mechanics. Possible to rush your way to the victory, on unpredictible maps where creativity and talent makes the difference.
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