RX 6600 underperforming

Jan 2, 2023
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Hello everyone!

I'll try to keep it short. Upgraded my GPU from RX 570 to an RX6600.
Expected beter ingame performance with this card, but it's about the same, on the same medium/high settings I always play on.
Except when I have the 6600 installed it gives problems like monitor freezes (black screen) and sometimes in games the frames drop under 10fps (medium settings).
Right now I don't feel the 6600 is an upgrade. The 570 seemed to perform better and was stable.
Avaerage FPS 50-60 in older games on medium settings. I hoped to get much more out of this, tests on Youtube get double FPS.

It's an XFX RX 6600 swift 210. My second one already, the first one I got had same issues + it gave flickering stripes during gaming.

So I'm wondering if the replacement they send is also faulty?


- AMD Ryzen 5 2600
- MSI RX570 / XFX RX6600
- Kingston fury 32GB RAM 2666Mhz
- Asrock b450m pro4
- Seasonic focus GX 550w gold

All new components, system was stable before the GPU upgrade.

I did lot's of trouble shooting already.
- Checking cables
- Switching port
- Reinstall the GPU on motherboard
- Installing/ uninstalling newest drivers, tried the same with older drivers
- Fresh install Windows
- Tune monitor settings / also in windows
- Tune settings in AMD Adrenalin
- Lower graphics in game even more + play with settings
- I never play on very high or ultra, but hoped to see some improvement.
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550 on PSU is recommended according to the Corsair PSU Calc. Not sure if you would need more wiggle room
Seasonic show one 550 but most of them are 650 or more. - https://seasonic.com/wattage-calculator
could be you tripping the power

GPU even suggests 650
External Power: 1x PCI-E 8 pin connections
Minimum Power Supply Requirement: 550 watt
XFX Recommended Power Supply: XFX 650W PSU

You should be seeing some boost. According to here its 111% faster = link
thats about same difference I am getting - link = though different card.

I have a 750, I was thinking of running my GPU on it but now I see the Seasonic results, I am glad I waited. They recommend 850 for my PSU but I just got a 1000 for wiggle room

Do you have latest bios on motherboard? that works with CPU anyway, I hate how Asrock remove support for old CPU - so BIOS version 3.50 is last you can use.
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