Running in water in Watchdogs: Legion compared to Assassin's Creed: Black Flag (plus a poll to take part in)

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Another addition to the case of my slowly growing dislike of triple A companies. I know it's somewhat a small thing but it just annoyed me seeing the comparison in the video linked below. So Ubisoft can't just give the same effort they put into a game 7 years ago? they've essentially been making Assassin's Creed with a new coat of paint since 2007, you think they'd have some kind of standard in quality each game should not only reach but raise the bar.
Small rant over.
Also not so fun fact but Assassin's Creed: Black Flag was the second assassin's creed game I brought on the pc, the first being Freedom Cry because it was on offer for £3.99 (I know i'm cheap) which pursuaded me to purchase Black Flag.

Does not surprise me at all. One of the reasons I never really liked the watchdogs series was because of the horrible driving mechanics. Why even bother to have vehicles in the game if you are not even going to bother doing them properly. Maybe they have made it better in the lastest Watch Dogs Legion, but I would not touch that game with a ten-foot pole.
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the driving was awful in the first two, a little better in the second but certainly not up to standard.
That's kind of how the whole Watch dogs franchise felt, like a lazy mans GTA.

With that said I have about 100 hours in Watchdogs 2, probably about 15 in the first. What I liked about Watchdogs 2 was the world, it was nice just walking around it with the occasional random player hacking into the game.
The only thing that interests me in Legion is it being set in london, a place not many games are set. GTA London and Zombi are all that come to mind.


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Assassin's Creed Odyssey was NOT like AC1 with a coat of paint. It was more like an action RPG with a coat of Assassin paint!

But yeah, that's some seriously weak water running. Looks kinda like the playtesters told them they hate the way water slows them down so the devs just axed the whole concept.

P.S. Try finding a game set in Kansas City. XCom sometimes said a mission was taking place there and... that's about it, really. Hollywood doesn't seem to want to show us unless we're getting nuked.


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