Rubik's Cube 3rd layer no-memory technique

I guess this is table-top, right? ;)

I can do the first 2 layers of a 3x3 fine without any memorized sequence of steps—ie just looking at the cube and figuring it out.

However, the 3rd layer has me stumped—I can only do it via memorized moves. Anyone know if there is a memory-free technique? A link to a good tutorial will earn you some downloadable cake :)
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I can only do the third layer using memorized moves, without remembering which moves are supposed to be done when, so it takes a while.

I suppose if you don't want to just memorize moves, you would need to understand exactly what happens when you do a series of moves to the point where you can look at a cube and just figure out where each cube has to go and the moves necessary to move all of them in the right position.
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I failed at rubiks cubes when they came out long ago
Yeah, me too—spent about a month fiddling with it before deciding to avoid headaches. Then ~7 years ago I stumbled across it again on Amazon, and hit YouTube—where the quality of instructional videos is very variable, so move on if one you watch isn't much help.

too many choices
Any beginner interested in starting, the Pyraminx is the easiest one I've tried. Others I've solved are the 'Mirror'—same as 3x3, but weird—and the 'Skewb'. I got about half-way on the 'Megaminx' before deciding it was far too much like work.

I didn't get a 2x2 for quite a while, because it would obviously be too simple. Well, it isn't!

Work smarter not harder.
Sadly nearly all my cubes are stickerless :)
yeah, well, when i tried them we didn't have YouTube.

Only way mine ever got unscrambled was by handing it to my next door neighbor at time.

1 x 1 is about my lvl. removing stickers used to be one way but they lose stickiness eventually.
Sadly nearly all my cubes are stickerless
they are all white, only Brian knows if its out of order or not... he can't sleep at night knowing one white square is in the wrong place.