RPGs comparable to Fallout: New Vegas?

Aug 8, 2022
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Which RPG's do you know that have an atmosphere/vibe comparable to Fallout: New Vegas?
- Post-apocalyptic
- Open world
- Universe has a well-defined, strong character
- ...

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There's also Fallout 3 (which is older) and Fallout 4 (which is newer). All 3 of those games (including FONV) are open world, post-apocalyptic environment, freedom to explore anywhere, and a first-person POV. There's strengths and weakness' in all 3, and that "strong character" you mentioned, comes down to how you choose to play him/her. I loved all 3, but they vary somewhat in how they were designed.

@Zloth also mentioned Elex, which has a huge post-apocalyptic open world to explore. It's a bit different in that it's not from a nuclear devastation, but a meteor strike, and is a blend of fantasy along with the post-apocalyptic; kind of like Gothic & Fallout merged together. The same is true of it's more recent sequel, Elex 2.
Mar 24, 2020
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Try STALKER Anomaly if you want a bit more of a shooter. STALKER is an amazing series. Anomaly merges all 3 games together. STALKER doesn't have a strong main character; it has a terrifyingly strong atmosphere. The ambient sounds in an underground facility while being stalked by an invisible mutant are terrifying. As for the PC, you do whichever faction fits you (ie hippy, paramilitary or loner)

GAMMA takes alot of great mods for Anomaly and merges them in a automated installable list. Comparable to the best Fallout 4 Wabbajack lists (better gunplay imo). Includes basebuilding, blackjack, artifact building, repairing everything and lots of radiation.


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