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Check this:

King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Thanks for that :)
"It's Xcom perfectly mixed with Dark Souls"
Gulp x 2 :D

Steam reviews suggest repetitive play and very player-unfriendly, in that when you discover you can't finish the game due to squad mismatch, you have to start over from the beginning.

Sounds ideal for RPG players who enjoy the figuring out side of things, but I'll pass :)

Rocket Propelled Grenades

Zed will tell you about Rebounds Per Game, latest of which he missed due to industrial action by the Ryanair Pilots Group union.

Oh, make sure you have Regulation Prescription Glasses if you want to properly visualize a Retrograde PyeloGram—nasty yokes, those.

this game

King Arthur Collection

Hmm thanks, looks like influenced by Warhammer & Total War & HOMM.


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@Brian Boru


Despite declaring it was another game and briefly giving up, it kept nagging me that I had seen another Arthurian game. I finally found it.

First person, open world. But it's early access, so probably a no go for now. I mean, I'd like it, but most on here don't play early access.

By the way, searching Steam with "Excalibur" brings up a bunch of games, but they all looked like trash to me except for this one that hasn't been released yet:



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I didn't know there was a Tomb Raider around this theme.


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