Return to Monkey Island!

nah, worst case scenario is its full of NFT and you have to buy a crypto coin to play...

but that is more EA level of evil.

That or its packed full of MTX. Change guybrush's \lechuck's attire! , DLC hint system! Chapter unlock! A season pass! a lootbox system! buy clues with ingame currency or skip the game entirely!

mix game with sierra BS like dead man walking syndrome and a terrible trailer insulting the fans and it would be complete mess. Oh and throw in some condescending remarks that goes "the game isn't terrible, the customer just doesn't get it or they're just selfish and greedy dinosaurs to expect an actual game. Welcome to 2022 stupids."

I doubt that it would happen. God help us all when that's what we expect from AAA gaming.

Oh wait...
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Don't forget about all of the bugs and glitches from releasing it about 3 months before it's done, similar to how Assassin's Creed Unity was.



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