Dark Alliance: Who to believe?

Jan 13, 2020
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Is this going to be a new case of "Sword of the Coast Legends"? I don't think it has a bright future ahead...



View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7stbOzHKbE
Makes sense the stamina of the one class that can kill everything without touching is always depleted... stop that fun thing, here, be nerfed so that you can't just sit at range at kill them... what, the AI only attacks if you get close enough, they have no ranged reactions? Meanwhile Barb that fights up close, it can use stamina all day and never go down.

I like the part in 2nd video where if you slightly above your target your shots go over their head. Lol. one of the main advantages to ranged isn't in this game. this game you need to run into combat to do your special move as it only does damage around you.. on an archer.

Its a mobile phone game made pretty so they can sell it for full price.

How easy it is depends on what class you have. Shame there is no magic Classes
Tank - (dwarf with a shield)

Sure we aren't playing Guantlet?? Oh wait, even though its almost 20 years old, its still better than this
Yep, engine designed for close combat, no wonder Archer has issues. It was like they got half way through and someone said, we have no ranged and they thought... oh, people will want that so they just added what they could and hoped no one would play ranged... lol.

More of the - "its so pretty it can't be bad" rubbish. So easy to wrap crap games in a pretty skin now. You don't need a game provided it looks pretty and the press can face roll through the game. The difficulties don't even scale right, easy or dead, your choice.
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