Restart from Last Checkpoint ?


I'm playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on PC via XBOX Game Pass in Windows 11 Pro; and I've run into a problem...

There were two ways to go at one point and I went one way - but it essentially closed the door behind me - stopping me from going back and checking out the other side (for loot etc).

So I tried Restart From Last Checkpoint - but it just brought me back where I was last (and didn't want to be)....

Instead. I thought I'd try Restart Level..... bad idea!

Now it's like many many sub levels back a very long way - and even worse - now that is the new Last Checkpoint!

I can't figure out how to undo the giant reversal I've accidentally initiated?

It will be a very long, boring grind to get back to where I was - so I'd love to avoid that?

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help
What I recall about the older Wolfenstein titles made by Machine Games is you're only allowed one of two paths in such situations, and it's centered around choosing to upgrade armor or health. One choice also involves using one kind of skill, the other, another. The choice initially is actually made by which squad mate you save when the Nazis capture you though, as each has a different skill.

As far as the trouble with the save, it could very well be Game Pass. I've seen people say it's not a very good service, though mileage may vary.
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G'day All,

@Frag Maniac

So yeah it seems you're right about not being able to go back beyond a certain point.

I just had to grind it out...

Can you make copies of the save files for games from your HDD when playing via Xbox Game Pass?

UPDATE - I've taken your advice to heart and started making multiple copies of my save game (eg copy the same save game to multiple slots in one game). It has already saved me from missing out chunks of the game.

Eg I know there were areas I was yet to explore - but I walked in the wrong part of the game where it wanted it to take me forward in the game and not let me go back. I hate it when they auto save at those points and give you no chance to choose your direction...

So I loaded up the previous save game which I have religiously started copying regularly and it did the trick.

Keep that in mind in every game you play just in case.... also for game breaking glitches where reloading the same save game just won't help!

Thanks for your help
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