PCG Article Report: The Silent Hill-like horror game Abandoned is in disarray (PCG article)

Work on the game, which was recently delayed and currently has no ETA, is reportedly stalled.

Silent Hill fans thought the teaser Blue Box released for a game last year was actually a reboot of Silent Hills, the game Hideo Kojima was going to make.

Let's take a look at this developer's history to see if this was a reasonable expectation:

1) They have never made a complete game before.
2) In December of 2020 they released a completely broken snippet of a game on Steam in early access
3) Two weeks later they announced that the launch was disappointing and that "the major update" was delayed
4) A couple of months later they announced that they were completely changing the game to something else
5) Sales for the game are turned off in Steam.
6) One month later, they claim that they are actually not the developers anymore. Someone else is working on the game. (probably not true)
7) About a month later, the supposed new developer announces that "the major update" was delayed. Both the old and the new developers are never heard from again regarding this game.
8) At some point around the time of the last announcement, Blue Box started working on Silent Hills (hahaha)
9) Over the course of the next year, "creative direction...changed multiple times, from its original inception as a survival-horror game about being trapped in the forest with a bloodthirsty cult to a story about a "rampant" AI and, more recently, a game about vampires," and now back to the survival-horror game in the forest.

I would like to note that the broken snippet of a game they released on Steam was also a "survival-horror game in the forest".

Anyway, Konami wouldn't hand over the reigns of Silent Hills to Blue Box. It was pure nuts to even consider that.
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I think with something like this, which appears to have lots of broken promise, is to assume that it will not arrive and if it does then all and good. It has all the feel of either mis-management (trying too much with too little resources) or a scam. They don't seem to be taking money so probably the former. So ignore it until the prologue or the full game turns up.