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For example (and as a test)...

Everywhere isn't a metaverse, it's Roblox for grown-ups
Never heard of this before. Sounds kind of appealing. When I grow up I'll check it out.

Never heard of it before either. The description did remind me of Project Spark, which is probably close to Roblox as well. I kinda doubt it'll get very big though, most seasoned developers will want more control than such a platform can give and will use a proper game engine instead. So it'll probably be filled with tons of crap games all trying to get a slice of the money you can make, with maybe a few somewhat interesting games floating to the top.

Rumbleverse is the fresh take on battle royale I needed
It's going to destroy Fortnite. Oh, sorry. Got carried away there. But a 'rastlin battle royale sounds kind of fun to me.

That does sound like fun. Not having to be as worried about finding the right loot before someone shoots you with a assault rifle while you're still running around with a pistol sounds like a great improvement.

This brutal open world survival game just got its biggest free update in 4 years
All my hopes and dreams for a Conan Exiles 2 just went down the drain. I'll give the update a try though. By the way, this game has the best combat of any survival game that I've tried, as well as the best base building. As far as "brutal" goes, if you create your own server or play in single-player, you can make it any level of difficulty you can imagine thanks to a robust set of options. You can go anywhere from a walk in the park to much worse than Dark Souls.

Sounds like a pretty big update that'll probably need some time to balance properly.
Nostalgia replays have become my go-to escape from pandemic stress
Wish I could do this, but old games tend to just irritate me. Also, I keep forgetting about the pandemic. In Tennessee everyone just all kind of agreed to pretend it doesn't exist. I haven't seen anyone wearing a mask in probably a year. I just keep getting booster shots every 6 months and joining all the nuts with their heads in the sand.

I also wish I could do this, but I'm not going to spend my limited free time replaying old games when I have a massive backlog of new games I still want to play.
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