Redfall Impressions

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I meant Dishonored, not Prey...

Dishonored was their last good game series. Seems they forgot everything they knew back then. I wonder what the devs who left ended up doing.

Oh, I know, I will call it Star failed :)
Arkane split into two studios based in Lyon France and Austin US, as I understand it they work independently of each other on games in the last 10 years or so.

Austin made Redfall, and Prey. Dishonored, Deathloop, Wolfenstein Youngblood came from the Lyon team.

Prey was a very good game, but they screwed up the marketing which didnt help. Bethesda management made them change the name to Prey, people thought it was something to do with the old shooter Prey from like 2006.

Creatives annoyed, market confused, top level management clueless as to anything other than the immediate bottom line. Sounds about right, we're seeing the fruits of that now.
I was prepared to give this a chance but after playing it for three hours I cancelled my PC Game Pass subscription. It's just a terrible game. There's no crafting in a game that cries out for it. The shooting is barely passable and the missions are awful.

Until Starfield and Cities Skylines 2 comes out there really isn't anything being released that I want to play.

Whaddayaknow. Original article by Jason Schreier on Bloomberg.

70% of staff left during development, management interference causing creative confusion. Developers were hoping the game would be cancelled.


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