recommend me a game without an ending please

i think the term for the type of game i am after has the tag open world.

Their are a lot of really good games out their that are good but expensive and on average take 30 hours to complete so i want some some of game that will keep me going for a long time , i used WARFRAME for about 7 years until my account got hacked and everything had earned or bought got deleted ...... thousands of hours of my spare time trashed.

I dont want what are classed as war games .... i like games that have graphics like the wolf among us and blacksad.

My main interests are mythology and diablo type games
If you like Diablo and you don't want to spend a lot of money, I would suggest you take a look at Path of Exile, as it's Free to Play and pretty good, with plenty of content to keep you occupied and new content still being added.
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i think the term for the type of game i am after has the tag open world.
Sandbox. Open world describes how you move around in the game. Most have discreet zones, but an open world smoothly transitions. A game with no ending probably means there's no big story campaign - or, if there is, it isn't the main focus.

Egosoft's X series is one of those. Some people play for thousands of hours. If you've never played anything like it before, I would go with X3. It's stable and has a boatload of mods available, plus it's really cheap and not too demanding.

X4 is better (IMHO) but it's a lot more intense on the hardware, more expensive, and is still getting lots of development.

If you want to stay down to earth, there's Kenshi.

Or Mount & Bland: Warband