Random Game Thoughts Thread October 16-22

@WoodenSaucer, you're alright by me 👌

I got party wiped in Battle Brothers by a massive Noble company I thought I could take.. I'm leaving it alone for a while and going back fully to Shadowrun: Hong Kong. I'll have the house to myself for 3 whole days next weekend so maybe I'll get back into Doom Eternal and finish it off as I'll be able to play it at times when I'm not wiped out myself. Funny how excited I am to sit on my own in the quiet for a whole Saturday, is this what getting old is like?
Played The Deed while ago, quite liked it—it's on sale for 50 cents until October 28, so if the genre suits you, you can't lose.

In short, you have to murder your crazy cruel younger sister on one of your rare returns to the family home for your cruel father's 50th—he recently disinherited you in favor of sis, and you're having none of that!
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Got my hands on the Darktide closed Beta. overall it all ran ok a few crashes in the hub area but otherwise it ran fairly well on my machine. Worryingly when i booted the game up it set everything to low. So over the few days i slowly upped the settings from Normal and then to High to see what problems i would face and so far it ran ok. No glitches or anything. Ok, the pixeling from filters i haven't quite corrected but visually its acceptable.

i don't want to pass judgement being a technical beta rather then a gameplay beta. Plus i didn't play the original vermintide series so i have no point of reference. I did have fun, but yeah it did confirm a few things for me.

The game lives and dies with the randoms/teammates you play with especially on harder settings. Struggled to win in some scenarios higher then difficulty of 2/5 with a team. Get organized or get stomped. i didn't get to see much on the weapons side of things, i just chose the sharpshooter and it seems like everyone else did too. Sometimes it works out, other times it falls apart because we had the wrong mix of people. A bit lacking atm, all we had were lasguns and a shovel/sword. i suspect you get better/different stuff later on. I did see stubpistols and shotguns, but i never got me hands on them. With only 2 days, i decided to stick to one class and see how that felt.

I do have a few minor niggles.

1. When i'm shopping for gear, for god sake have a compare option tell me how stats differ from the stuff i'm using! hell i didn't even know every time i leveled up i got a new lasgun or close quarter weapon until i started to piss about more. hell why can't i see my stuff when i'm shopping? Why must i go into my inventory and trash it to sell it?

2. Whilst you can see /differentiate elite/special enemies (just about) it all seems to just blur together at times and it just becomes a chore at times as your team don't help and i'm left stuck dealing with armored foes with flashlight guns...

3. Speaking of weapons, i would like a way to pick up loose ammo from the enemy. I mean, there are corrupted guardsman with lasguns/shotguns/autostubbers etc why can't i pick up ammo from them? Too convenient to pass it off as corrupted. Ammos a bit too scarce for my liking and people just hoover it up like no tomorrow. Its wishful thinking i can see what everyone has got, like in L4D but alas its limited.

Again, all this should be taken with a pinch of salt as its a beta. Will i get the game? Not sure tbh. Might sit on the fence a bit more and see how it plays out. If vermintide 1 and 2 was any indictation, i can get the game dirt cheap eventually. Plus it will be packed with DLC and that will no doubt be trying to eat into my cash. Also time constraints mean i might not have time to play the game.


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Looks like unplugging the XBox 360 controller wasn't really a help with Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. I just had a lucky streak. However, I've also found that all that re-installing also doesn't help. Reboot, try again, If that doesn't help, reboot and try another time. That will probably work. (Same input, different results. I smell timing issues. Good luck Owlcat, you're going to need it.)

Despite all this crashing and a particularly annoying encounter where the game forced me to do something really stupid, I'm still playing the game plenty. The options in building characters are soooooo fun!! Every time I level up, I burn an hour exploring all the possibilities! (Should I get this feat? Or maybe this feat? Oh, maybe now would be a good time to change class!)
Been playing the Warhammer Darktide closed beta and i am excited for it! The demo has been fun to play. Its had its crashes and is kinda janky but i have been having a blast. It scratches that left-for-dead style gameplay and will be getting it.

Same here. Luckily i didn't find too many janky problems when i played (ie i've seen jankier beta/alphas) . it crashed during the hub section a couple of times but otherwise it was ok. i did make a more detailed post of my experience a couple of hours ago and presumably too spoiler heavy for the forums with my opinions and was deleted. That or i can't find it...

Will i be getting it? Not sure. its did confirm a few things for me and its another one of those time sinks.

In other news, still working through the shovel knight treasure trove edition. Beaten the main game ( a staggering 96 deaths) and working on the DLC. A mixed bag atm that ranges from "Christ, these game mechanics are awful" to "this is decent stuff". I'll probably do a write up on shovel knight but since you get everything, its going to take some time.

Still playing Chiv 2.So i've been playing it for 11 days in a row for about an hour a day to see how things panned out. Whether putting the game on gamepass is helping it or not. the answer seems to be yes as its the second most played game behind minecraft and positively received by them. That said, Torn Banner has shat the bed and made the EGS version unplayable. So all the longest PC players aren't around. It might all change and the more experienced players will come back to reap the fresh meat. Me? its been great, i'm playing against players more my level and its been more balanced compared to before where all the players just stacked top one side. Still get stacked games at times but otherwise its been fine or i've been lucky.

Current win/lose tally: Wins 21 Losses 13 K/D: Suffering.
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Tried a couple of hours of Borderlands 2, sadly didn't take to it.

First 2 guns were rubbish, I think shotgun maybe more effective shooting from hip than down sights.

Supposed to be open world? OW means more than there's a sky overhead :rolleyes:

Melee isn't my thing, so far it's been either survive this wave of baddies, or go clean out baddie group in that location.

Pity, loads of people love the game, so I was looking forward to it.
a more detailed post … i can't find it
We did a bit of post moving earlier, had 2 threads going and some hidden posts for a while—sorry about that :)
I think this is your post?

If any of you read a new post/thread on here, and think... I wrote this, perhaps report it as its not always easy to track the originals. Some of our new members think copying someone else's post is how it works.
@Frag Maniac saw one yesterday and it took a bit to find his post.
if you can link your old post in the report, it would make it easier too... you don't have to, it just helps.

It saves you answering posts that disappear afterwards.

That used to be a problem here, so many threads lost that way. Better to just not answer :)
If any of you read a new post/thread on here, and think... I wrote this, perhaps report it as its not always easy to track the originals. Some of our new members think copying someone else's post is how it works.
@Frag Maniac saw one yesterday and it took a bit to find his post.
if you can link your old post in the report, it would make it easier too... you don't have to, it just helps.

It saves you answering posts that disappear afterwards.

That used to be a problem here, so many threads lost that way. Better to just not answer :)
Yeah I commented in a thread yesterday, and when I returned later the whole thread was gone.
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So is there any game that I can oaly that doenst need 100 attention. Even though mmo and simualtor games is my go to but need something else.

Paradox' grand strategy games can run in the background if you leave them on the lowest speed, especially if you're playing one of the minor countries/characters.

Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress can also be run in the background if you use the setting to make the game pause when something important happens.
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Today starts Destiny 2's Halloween event titled "Festival of The Lost". Its usually a fun event, the armor this event has us all look like Gundam fighters and im here for it! Also a new sniper rifle but the perk pool for it means its just another so-so gun to throw in the vault.

Look, i understand when you buy something new and expensive you want people to know, but when its a whole bunch (but really a very few) group of people posting about getting a new gpu, its nauseating. I had to put 2 PC facebook groups on silent/restricted for 30 days because its just literally "hey look i got a 4090" or "welp my 4090 wont fit in my case! boohoo first world problems!" or "i upgraded from a 3080ti/3090 to a 4090, was it worth it" posts and its all just so vane and boring lol i think a lot of PC fb groups have never been about pc questions and discussions and have more been about "look what i bought with the money i have"
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Well, it was a copy of one of your posts from August so it was probably just missing a link they wanted to include. As you guessed at time.

Better to just report them than to waste an reply that might disappear :)
I've also run into a lot of times when bots are programmed to steal and reuse people's old posts because it makes their automated posts look more relevant and legitimate than just posting random stuff that doesn't apply. It's a way to try to fly under the radar without getting banned. Unfortunately for them, if the original poster is still around, we're going to know what they're doing.
My wife's addiction to WoW means I don't get to play games in the evening any more and I haven't had much time in between working recently. I did download some mobile games to play while stuff was compiling:

Life in Adventure: a choose your own adventure with RPG elements. The replayability is pretty decent if you want to see the multiple endings of the many different storylines that you can encounter. Kept me busy for a couple of hours before there was more repetition than new content.

Plants vs. Zombies: I'd never played this before. It's okay, but too easy to be really engaging.

Lonely Survivor: I'm not sure how to describe this. A rogue-lite top down wave survival Hack & Slash? You basically just run around killing enemies to gather experience. With each level you get a randomized choice of three skills, either new ones or upgrading one you got before. Every so often a big wave of enemies or a boss spawns and you just have to survive for a set amount of time (time is paused while fighting a boss).
It's pretty satisfying unlocking the last level of each skill and just having the screen filled with different projectiles flying everywhere. However, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly and there's like 5 different systems to get stronger, all of which you can speed up with microtransacrions.


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