Jul 20, 2020
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Hi all!! I would appreciate it very much if you could answer the questions below! For context: it is an interactive, single player, online game where the player explores the game via the main character and controls their actions etc.

1) Out of the following, what is your preferred genre for an online game -(what would you click on) Phycological horror or Mystery?

2) What is your preferred length for an online game? (for 1 day)

3) What are your views on paying for an online game and, how much would you pay?

Thank you all so much!!


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Jan 17, 2020
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1) Personally I would have to go with Mystery. My experience with Psychological horror games in the past is they work best as a very short story. While there have been some exceptions, I have found that the moment you get past the initial creepiness of whatever is causing the trauma, the game goes downhill for me. Mystery games on the other hand, are a mystery until the solution is found. The catch-22 to a mystery game for me however has been that there is rather limited replay-ability potential (like in heavy rain, yes you could make different decisions, but there was no longer any real mystery for your next play through)

2) I guess it depends what you mean as an "online" game. If you mean MMO, I want at least 100-150 hours of none redundant play (meaning story content and not random fetch quests and kill X of these quests) I don't expect this all at once, but I need something to keep me going and a reason to do all those fetch quests and what not.
If we are talking a match based online game like DOTA, maybe 15-20 minutes per match. If it is more like Dead by Daylight, maybe 30-40 minutes per match. Lastly, if it is closer to Battlefield or Arma, 1-2 hours per match.

3) Once again this will depend on the type of game. For an MMO, I generally prefer the model of pay for the game (between $30-$60) and play as much as you want, but a subscription ($5-$15) will allow you greater access to the game when you want it. For a MOBA, well I wouldn't pay for it at all as I am unlikely to play it. For a game match based game like Call of Duty or Battlefield, it depends if the game has a legitimate path to collecting without loot crates and shortcuts. If so between $30-$60 for a AAA game and below $30 for a non-AAA game.
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