Suggestions for team-based multiplayer games that require little player-to-player communication?

Sep 2, 2023
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I'm in the process of ironing out my gaming hobby, and I could use some help.
I like competative games for their design. Clear goals of what to achieve, usually within a constrained arena and/or time limit.
But I'm a bit fed up with the harassment and scolding in these games. Even when aimed at others it just hurts to see/hear, and it brings a load of negativity into my hobby which I don't want.
Also, I can appreciate some screwing and joking around, but some people go overboard with the trolling, trying to be funny or trying to impress others and become annoying instead and don't know when to stop. It leads to frustration and thus negativity.
As much as I enjoy playing single player games, I still would like to play online with actual people as well.

I'm specifically looking for team-based multiplayer games that do not (heavily) rely on text and voice communication.
An example I enjoy is Battlefield V. There's chat in there, but the occasional angry message doesn't bother me because I'm so immersed in the action. And it still very much feels like a team effort.

Suggestions of any genre, game length and intensity (or lack thereof) are greatly appreciated!
Jun 27, 2023
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I think you will find it hard to come by in regards to the toxic chat, it is literally everywhere. Counter-Strike, World of Wacraft, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA23. It is everywhere, you'd probably be better off turning off voice chat and text chat while playing any game you'd enjoy instead.

On a more slightly positive note, I found Hell Let Loose to be played mostly by mature adults. Who actually try to coordinate and strategically plan their assault & defense.
Not sure if it would fit what you like, but I think Dayz Standalone might be one. In that game, you can either play by yourself or play with a team in one of the servers made for team-based play. You have to communicate, but the less you say the better. It is much more about giving the correct info: Enemy at green two-store building north-west 50, instead of: I see enemy, I see enemy north-west!.

Perhaps Rising Storm 2 Vietnam also. Played it a couple of times and it seems a bit more serious than your typical Warzone/CSGO toxic talk.