Question PS4 or XBoX series S

Your idead?

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Mar 15, 2022
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I'm a PC Gamer and I played Most New Games in my PC (i7 - Rx580 - 16g DDR4 - SSD) - but for some reasons I have to sell My PC and Buy a Laptop and a console.
Budget Remains after Buying laptop is enough for "second hand PS4" or "XboX Series S"
But I dont know which one is better !
PS4 has Lots of Games like God of War - Last of Us - Uncharted and Spider Man BUT it is OLD and 8th Gen
Xbox Series S Has Good Hardware Config and its 9th Gen !
I don't know, I feel there must be a better place to ask than on a PC Gaming forum, which Console to buy.

Sure, some here might have an opinion but I already know you might get some confusing answers.

The Xbox Series S will probably be a better buy for you. With the PS4 Slim you get access to all PS4 games (2,901) while with the Series S you'll get access to all Series S|X games, all Xbox One games (2,554), ~27% of Xbox 360 games (577) and ~4% of Original Xbox games (41).
You'll also have access to GamePass if you're up for it.
I'm honestly surprised they let the thread stay open.

But my opinion is, unless you're a big fan of the PlayStation exclusives, go with the Xbox Series S. And I deduce that since you're coming from PC gaming, the PlayStation exclusives aren't that important to you. The XSX would have a closer library to what you're used to on the PC, plus, it's Microsoft and based on Windows 11, so there's that psychological link. You're already used to MS's way of doing things, and I feel like Xbox is going to be more familiar.

Of the two Xboxes, I wouldn't go with any Xbox One. That gen is getting outdated. Just get the Series S if you can't afford the X. The games that are designed to take advantage of the Series X/S don't have those same features on the One X, even though it may be more powerful in some areas than the Series S. And like Colif mentioned in that quote, the ability to have Game Pass is pretty cool, especially since MS owns Bethesda and Activision now, and they also have a deal with EA.
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