Please Suggest A Decent Mobo For 4600G.

Jul 31, 2022
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Someone suggested me Msi a520m pro vh for 4600G. I have no clue how good or bad this mobo is for 4600G. And if this mobo is not good enough, then suggest me some good ones for 4600G.
I won't overclock 4600G and I might never even use a Graphics card. But I will use the full potential of 4600G without overclocking it. So considering these conditions, please suggest some good mobos for this cpu.
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you could check out this article in general for the ryzen 4600G >

and if you'll never use graphics card, I believe basically any mobo will do the job,
this is also a list of all compatible mobos with the 4600G:

what is your use case for your PC exactly? just as a daily driver, browsing, office work etc.?

some of the mobo's listed has built in wifi, bluetooth, etc. although that is great bonus functionality, it probably isn't needed if you're going to plug an ethernet cable for internet in that.
(but great as a backup probably if the cable has a sudden problem)

it boils down to your use case if you want to narrow down suggestions, also other features on the motherboards like various amounts of USB 3.0 ports, and other things.
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