Dec 15, 2019
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I'm late to the party as usual, buuuuut - I dl'ed and played this 4-player co-op over the weekend. Jees, it's helluva scary, especially in VR, though I'm wrestling with the control system on my Oculus.

Not sure how long the novelty of hiding from ghosts and the simple puzzle system will last, but I think I'll be good for a few sessions yet which makes it well worth the 11 quid I spent on it. And it's still in early access, so maybe the one-man dev studio will introduce features that give it more staying power.

Anyone else played it? Especially more than the 3 hours or so that I've put into it? What are your thoughts?
This was the first game I tried when I got my VR headset, and it's fantastic for what it is. Definitely immersive and probably the only time I've been freaked out by a video game. It's the kind of game I probably won't play all the time, but it'll be fun to jump into every Halloween or so.


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