People placing pop figure inside their tower

Jan 22, 2020
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I like this idea of placing them inside the tower, either on the PSU shroud or on top of GPU, however I am super sketch of doing so I'm afraid that they may melt, paint may come off and etc. I have a Deadpool gamer pop and I keep him at my desk but love the idea of placing him on the GPU or even the Shroud of PSU. I have seen pics of people doing so but I just think they don't really keep them inside their rig.
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Jan 13, 2020
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I actually thought of doing this, but I didn't think about melting or color degradation...

I suppose that would really depend what you throw in there. But a quick search shows that most plastics, including arcrylic, have melting points over 100 C, so I think you would be fine. IF you were super paranoid about it you might fashion some type of small case out of fiberglass or arcrylic to put them in, and then put that inside the rig. Bonus is that it could capture some more light to light up the figurine.


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