Question Peer to Peer game issues

Morning, so I have a desktop the does not like multiplayer game that require a peer to peer connection. I tried to connect to a friend a while back ago on a game called heroes of hammerwatch and I couldn't. Recently I tried to play multiplayer in Valheim and I'm having the same issue. It only seems to be games like this that require a peer to peer connection. My laptop which has the same firewall settings has no issue and will connect just fine, along with all the other desktops in my house... it's just this one computer. What would cause this and how can I fix it?
So just to follow up after I finally figured it out. My Asus ROG motherboard came with the software called GameFirst VI, it's used for game optimizing. Well it adjusts the network work settings to " optimize " and reduce packet loss, as soon as I disabled it everything worked without issue. Thought I would mention it incase someone has a similar issue.
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