PC Upgrade Problem

Jul 29, 2020
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Just bought an Oculus Quest 128gb, and am stunned to discover my HP 23 Envy Beats, with i5/16gb/1Tb ssd isn't good enough, because the onboard GPU - a GeForce 730A can't deliver 90fps. It's not an MXM plug-in graphics card, it's soldered onto the mobo.
Does anyone know if an advanced motherboard with a better GPU suitable for my PC is available?
I can't think of another solution, and getting a new PC is not on at the mo.
AFAIK there's no solution other than a new system.

Given the usual price premium of MXM GPUs too, and the compatibility limitations, even if it were possible to get a new motherboard with an MXM GPU option, it probably wouldn't be much cheaper than a new PC anyhow. Not that that'll be much comfort.

If you're trying to run a PC VR game and not one of the special ones that only requires the Quest itself, it's not much surprise the experience is poor unfortunately as many VR games are very demanding - given the resolutions and refresh rates involved/needed.
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