Buzzing and coil whine when I move, scroll the mouse or use keyboard.

Jul 6, 2023
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So 6 months ago I upgraded to a 5600 b550m ds3h setup from an i5 8400 b360m ds3h. For the past year I've been exclusively using headphones, until a couple of days ago I decided to go back to my Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 THX (for health reasons).
Problem is that it doesn't matter what output I connect (headphones, speakers) to the motherboard's 3.5mm rear jack I always get a subtle but noticeable buzzing sound every time a move/scroll the mouse or even use the keyboard for navigation. Also, the mouse starts emitting a loud coil whine while moving (I think it's the sensor).
I solved this by connecting the output device to the front jack. Buzzing and coil whine disappeared. Thing is I sometimes need to use headphones, and If I connect those to the rear jack everything I mentioned will happen.
I tried doing other things like connecting all peripherals as far as I could from the jack, but it didn't do anything. I can't recall having this problem with the old b360m ds3h setup. In fact, I had good audio experience despite being a budget mobo.
Thing's I've seen that I can do is to get an external USB sound card. Others mentioned getting an apple usb-c to jack adapter will do it. Thing is I don't want to sacrifice even more audio quality by getting a crappy solution. I'm even considering getting an M-Track Solo audio interface, but I'm afraid audio will get interference from all the things I have connected to the rear of the PC (peripherals, monitor, controller, external storage, etc.). Is there a good budget usb sound card that doesn't compromise quality that much? The apple adapter will do it? Audio interface won't have problems? What's your best solution for this?

CPU: r5 5600 stock
CPU cooler: stock AMD cooler
Motherboard: Gigabyte b550m ds3h
Ram: 16gb ddr4 3000 mhz
SSD/HDD: samsung 980 512gb nvme, kingston 240 sata, 2tb hdd
GPU: XFX SWFT 210 RX 6650 XT
PSU: EVGA 600w white (5 year old)
Chassis: Thermaltake h15
OS: Windows 11 Pro
Monitor: Gigabyte G24F 2
Audio: kilpsch pro media 2.1 thx. HyperX cloud mix.
I'm not that good on "cheap" DACs i use a SoundblasterX G6 and even though it's not super expencive, it is probably not counted as Cheap either. I would look for reviews and tests of DACs in your price range and then go by that. Sorry i can't be more helpfull.

EDIT: I looked at Creatives diferent Soundblaster varriants and the X1 seems to get good reviews for what it is, and it is dirt cheap to. You could read up on that one. Havn't tried it myself so won't personally vouch for it.