Question PC underperforming

Aug 14, 2020
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Hey Guys,
I have a pc which I built myself. Now I built my PC off many benchmarking videos on youtube. My specs are as shown:
Ryzen 3 3200g
1650 Super
2x 8gb ram @3000mhz
Simple case
5 coolermaster RGB fans
400w Striderstone PSU
Now in specific I play fortnite and multiple benchmarking videos with the exact same specs are getting over 120 fps on low settings. I can't even get over 100 fps in the game. I have installed all the drivers and the temps are down low. The only problem is is that my cpu is running at 100% usage.
Any helps would be greatly appreciated Thanks :)
Using something like MSI Afterburner + Rivatuner Statistics Server, what frequencies and what temperatures do the CPU cores run at during Fortnite?

What processes does Task Manager say is using the CPU during that heavy load?
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