PC performing below what it should?

Nov 10, 2020
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There are a couple things about my PC that are leading me to believe that it's running much slower than it should for a PC of these specs.

Ryzen 9 3900XT CPU clocked at 4.26ghz (With Noctua cooler)
RTX 2080ti GPU
32gb 3600mhz RAM (XMP Enabled)
B550I AORUS PRO AX Motherboard
Masterbox NR200P Case
Cooler Master V750 SFX PSU

I can't quite pinpoint any oddity in particular, but there are a few things that have stuck out to me.

1. Most VR games i can't hit 120fps in, no matter how far I lower the graphics and resolution. Half Life Alyx hovers anywhere between 70 and 90fps. My CPU and GPU are not maxed out.

2. Some games exhibit stuttering that doesn't seem to be shader cache related. The ones that stick out are hitman 3, no mans sky, and resident evil 2 remake (post RE engine update). These games are unplayable if i set their textures to anything but low. Since these games have small file sizes, it's likely an uncompression issue.

3. Emulators tend to run slower on my machine than it does on others with weaker specs. Pokemon Legends Arceus runs at 22fps on yuzu emulator while most other people with these specs hit anywhere from 45 to 60fps

4. Overall lower fps in games than I should be getting. I cannot get Elden ring to run past 55fps, it usually hovers at around 50. My CPU and GPU are still not maxed out.

5. I tend to get stutter with minceraft at over 18 chunks or so, regardless of memory allocation. (i spelled the game wrong because apparently it sets off the auto moderator?)

My temps aren't fantastic but they're serviceable. at idle my GPU runs at 50C and 75-80C at max. My CPU runs at similar temps, but never hits more than 75C. I also tried a new windows install and although the OS became snappier, games ran similarly. Is there something I'm missing? Is my CPU just defective somehow? I'm confused.
Hi :)

Which Noctua Cooler exactly?

Just curious, when you say your CPU is clocked at 4.26 GHZ it that some sort of all core overclock?
If that's the case I suggest removing the overclock (CLR CMOS) and trying the games that way. You maybe throttling in some way, or not entirely stable.

If you're using 4 sticks of RAM, perhaps try removing 2 and seeing if that helps. 4 sticks sometimes aren't all that easy to get stable and 3600 is maybe a little high for a 3000 series CPU. If it does work better, and you need 32GB you could try running all 4 at 3200 or a lower XMP profile and testing, it shouldnt be that much slower than 3600 for games really, even if the 3600 was working perfectly well.

Thats all I have for now, hopefully something helps.
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