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Aug 11, 2022
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Good Evening from me guys,today i searched some parts about my new system that i would like to build,here are the specs:
MOBO:msi b550 gaming plus
CPU:Amd Ryzen 7 5800x
RAM:G.Skill TridentZ 2x8 ddr4 3400mhz
Water Cooling:Be Quiet Silent Loop 2 360mm
GPU:Asus tuf geforce rtx 3070 8gb
PSU:Thermaltake Toughpower pf1 750w platinum 80 plus
FANS:Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 Case Fan 120mm,i put 3 of them
SSD:Samsung 970 plus nvme 500gb
SSD2:Samsung evo 870 1tb
Monitor:LG 27GN800-B IPS HDR Gaming Monitor 27" QHD 2560x1440 144Hz

The only thing that im unsure is the psu if its capable to maintain the system stable.
Looks a good AMD build to me. PSU is a good model and more than enough for those parts.

Only thing I'd suggest is getting a Ryzen 5700X instead, same amount of cores and performance is basically the same for less money. Also make sure the RAM kit you chose is on the QVL list if I were you just to be 100% sure everything will work. Its probably fine but thats what I recommend.

You could also drop down to a smaller AIO or an air cooler and save a fair amount there for no loss in performance. These 8 core and under AMD chips dopnt need a lot of cooling.

If you wanted alternative suggestions for the build it would help if you stated your country and max budget :)
This looks like a pretty great build, also I always like to say, include estimated budget if you want alternative opinions. 😁

also +1 for the 5700X, the difference is negligible.


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