May 21, 2020
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I just received my custom built PC and I’m extremely happy with the build, however I’m always open for extra hardware/add ons for the motherboard to make my PC an absolute beast!
Looking for some ideas and recommendations to what I should be looking at next? . I really like the RGB components and some ideas of these would be great, open to all ideas.

here are the specs of my machine (please note I changed the cooler from the gammaxx to the Corsair liquid cooler):

Thank you 👍
If you bought a system and are already wanting to upgrade it (outside of e.g. adding storage), you probably bought the wrong system.

As for future hardware, nobody can really advise you because we don't know what will be out there.

LED lighting strips to go around the side of the case I suppose.
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May 24, 2020
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Maybe some extra RAM? 32GB sounds sweet, although 16 GB is very good already too.

Otherwise, maybe spend the money on a comfortable chair or quality speakers/headphones, or a nice gaming keyboard and mouse. These would enhance your gaming experience too.