Question Parents ever understand your gaming interest?


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Nope. My dad still calls me a nerd when he walks into any conversation I'm having about video games (I normally wouldn't talk to him directly about them cause he could care less). I love him to death but he's one of those guys who likes all the "normal" guy things - we have a great relationship, but him and my mom will never look at my gaming hobby and think, "wonderful use of time, son!"

I can't disagree, but I enjoy it and it doesn't prohibit me from any of my other day-to-day responsibilities. Long live adult gamers!
Computer games didn't exist when I grew up. I guess the equivalent was sports and reading, both of which I did a lot.

Parents weren't interested, but didn't give me any hassle either—just keep 'em posted on what time I'd be back from whatever city the teams were visiting, and all was well.

Some possible ammo if you need to justify:


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Never got too much hate for gaming outside of the "stop playing go outside" every once in a while. When i was younger my dad would play some Halo with me and my friends on "rockets only" because he couldnt really shoot anyone so the splash damage was needed. My parents loved Snood on the computer and i faintly remember my dad playing zelda but other than that, nothing but again, they didnt bust on me about my love for gaming too much.

Politics however....
Sep 10, 2020
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My parents both played video games themselves, so they did understand the fascination, although we played totally different genres. And I'm really glad for that!

However, my mother was convinced that "the internet would ruin me" once I started listening to Metal music in my teenage years. :ROFLMAO: She said "it will just be a phase". Well, that "phase" is still going... :unsure:
Has your parents ever been mocking you for playing games?
No, I am almost 35, I play games a few hours each night as my father did when I was younger still under my parents roof. I bought my father xbox one x and series x and GameShare with him as well as I built him a pc to share Steam accounts with him. It's one of the reasons we've been so close all these years. He's 65 now, and retired. He plays games more these days then I do as I work 50 to 60 hours weekly, lol!
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