Palit Geforce RTX 3080ti Gaming Pro Loud Fan Problems

Feb 16, 2022
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So I have had my RTX 3080TI for a while now and the performance has been awesome as expected but I have had issues when it comes to the fans on this thing, so I don't know if anyone else who owns these cards have these issues but when I go on certain games and at random times the fans randomly start to speed up to a point it sounds like its taking off then slowly goes back to the normal fan speed.

I have MSI after burner installed as well so I have tried tinkering with the fan speed and the curve but still come to the same results, I don't know if its because it's generally a hot card but I have an open case a thermal take on and as you can imagine I can hear it pretty well even through my headset it's getting to a point now where I am seriously debating on buying a new brand

Even playing the likes of God of war on ultra I am getting 65 - 70C and the fans speed goes insane I have honestly ran out of idea's to why at random intervals the fans ramp up then instantly come down I am just wondering if anyone else have issue's like this

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Jan 17, 2020
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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? That could be a sign of a bad thermal sensor on board. It could also be an issue with the thermal plating. I highly suggest opening a case with the manufacturer to see if they have a known solution, or they might suggest going through an RMA. And RMA is much much cheaper than buying a new 3080 ti
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