Question One GPU Fan Spinning at MAX After Clean and Repaste

Nov 13, 2023

I just finished cleaning my 3070ti FE. The fans were starting to run a bit loud and i just recently cleaned my PC so thought I might as well do the GPU as well and then dont have to touch it for a while. I took it apart, cleaned the fans and re applied some new thermal paste. The old paste was already really hard for a newish card. after reassembling and putting the GPU back in the PC i booted, and now one of the fans (Bottom/Exhuast) is spinning on max and its soooo loud. I opened up afterburner and tried to turn it down, but it wouldnt work. At first I thought it wasnt doing anything at all. I started messing with auto and manbual and realised If i turn fan speed to Auto, at 30 c the fans completely turn off. If i load a game, the bottom fan INSTANTLY goes to max, but then turns off again once temps have cooled. Also, if the fans are off and i try to set the speed anywhere between 1-100, the fan will just go to max regardless of the number i set. Top fan seems to be completely fine and works perfectly with afterburner, its just the bottom one going absolutely bonkers

Do I need a new fan?
May 31, 2023
Great job on cleaning your 3070ti FE and applying new thermal paste! However, it seems like you're facing some issues with one of the fans, specifically the bottom/exhaust fan, after reassembling the GPU. It's spinning at maximum speed and making a lot of noise. Despite trying to adjust the fan speed using Afterburner, it doesn't seem to respond. Interestingly, the fan turns off completely when set to auto mode at 30°C, and only spins at maximum when you load a game. Before considering a replacement fan, I recommend double-checking the fan's connections to make sure they are secure and inspecting the fan blades for any blockages. It's possible that there might be an issue with the fan itself or its connection.
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