Question One GPU Fan Spinning at MAX After Clean and Repaste

Nov 13, 2023
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I just finished cleaning my 3070ti FE. The fans were starting to run a bit loud and i just recently cleaned my PC so thought I might as well do the GPU as well and then dont have to touch it for a while. I took it apart, cleaned the fans and re applied some new thermal paste. The old paste was already really hard for a newish card. after reassembling and putting the GPU back in the PC i booted, and now one of the fans (Bottom/Exhuast) is spinning on max and its soooo loud. I opened up afterburner and tried to turn it down, but it wouldnt work. At first I thought it wasnt doing anything at all. I started messing with auto and manbual and realised If i turn fan speed to Auto, at 30 c the fans completely turn off. If i load a game, the bottom fan INSTANTLY goes to max, but then turns off again once temps have cooled. Also, if the fans are off and i try to set the speed anywhere between 1-100, the fan will just go to max regardless of the number i set. Top fan seems to be completely fine and works perfectly with afterburner, its just the bottom one going absolutely bonkers

Do I need a new fan?

I dont have any first hand experience with your card, but did you reconnect the two ribbon cables properly on the PCB when you put it back together? I believe they are what control the fans.

If not, and no one else here has any ideas I suggest asking over at Toms Hardware forums as there are a lot more people with more technical knowledge over there.
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