Paint The Game

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Jan 16, 2020
@Frindis Thanks for the feedback! I guess its all goo practice as for once i had a focussed goal and i took a methodical/professional approach to drawing. In fact on the first few days it was reference gathering and me typing single sentences on a notepad for ideas and as a to do list. Thumbnails, practice images for expressions ideas etc.

The biggest problem was probably the lackluster execution and being an art compo, the professionals will run rampant and crush the amateur/hobby artist (i could be wrong though).

Still, glad to get it out of my system. If i had didn't submit anything i suspect it would have gnawed in the back of my mind until the 10th and probably feel depressed if i discovered i could come up with something compelling. Now i'm just depressed trying to learn some MS server skills in preparation for the office closure that's going to happen....
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