Paint the gameğŸŽ¨ğŸŽ¨

1. Your own painting
2. Use any drawing software or tool you like - I use paintbrush myself
3. You don't have to be an artist, just have fun with it
4. It can be anything from a game (or a made-up game), up to your fantasy

Goal: Maybe practice, scribble, a feeling, fun, or entertainment. Whatever you want it to be.

“Let's build a happy little cloud.
Let's build some happy little trees.”
― Bob Ross

My take on Astroids (1979)
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Kingdom: Two Crowns.

Wait a sec... is this just an art topic so i can upload my stuff here?


here was somethings i drew. For some reason the double standards of the good guys in valkyria chronicles pissed me off to come up with some of my own characters if VC5 was ever released it would have been from the imperial side. I had a sort of had come up with some designs for the squad i dubbed "The Reavers". it was a half baked idea and i was still developing it in my day dreams to come up plausible backstory, tactics etc.

images are from oldest to newest. Cheery picked of course.

some quick rough doodles during practice:

hey guys much appreciated!

TLDR: My life story on the love hate relationship of my second passion (christ i'm so lonely). Oh and pictures.

Tbh i have a love hate relationship when it comes to drawing. Its my second biggest passion behind gaming. hell, gaming influenced drawing when i was a kid as me and my brother drew screenshots for existing games or made up ones. i generally never finished any of my pictures back then either because we got bored of them or because my dad would just write all over the picture as i kept it with all the paper on the dining table. I could have hidden it away, but i would draw on impulse as opposed to planned. But 2 did survive the purge and i scanned them to save the, I made these when i was in high school during my RTS phase:

i didn't really take drawing seriously until my uni years when i bothered to search online for learning material. The idea that art was some dark art that only those gifted had was erased and whereas my brother stopped drawing, i didn't i scoured the web for art tips, books, pdfs etc.

As i said originally its a love hate relationship. Truthfully i find very little joy doing it as 90% of the time its garbage and i find so many faults in a picture i drop it and move on. Always a critical eye on artwork and like my peers, we make encouraging comments before we criticize on its faults. I find it kinda hard to draw these days and spend more time practicing. I might start a thread here like my sketchings like i do on some sites just so people can see.

The biggest problem is time i only have weekends and maybe the odd hour here and there during week days to draw or study. you can thank games for that one. But i'm always cursed in drawing good/ok stuff one week before nose diving the next. Its a constant struggle one that leads to frequent disappointment. Every time i have an idea or visualize in my mind what it looks like when it comes out on paper its an absolute mockery of that dream and i feel bad. Most of my work is therefore made up as i go along which leads to much indecisive drawing and time wasting.

ok story times over. MORE pics.
Pretty much, yeah.

But don't at least half of the soldiers in a Valkyria squad need to be under the age of 18?? <evil grin>

(They did seem to get better about that in VC4. Somewhat better, anyway.)

yeah, i detested that. understandable, anime troupes. That said when i started coming up with my ideas i discovered i ticked a lot of troupe boxes. its not helped that it didn't make sense conceptually or made my squad likable or human. They weren't, they were like a psycho, chaotic, drug addicted, super powered murderous dirty dozen that were traitor to all sides. So i sort of gave up.

ok we're getting to the peak of the mountain. This is probably my best work. There are 2 sad facts to them:

1. There are still problems. Its pretty apparently what they were.

2.I can't remember how i reached this level of polish. The craft is pretty much lost. Thats kinda the worst part of doing art for me. Each piece is a puzzle in itself, no cookie cutter technique for me. Luck plays a large part in my drawings only when the stars align (normally this is during march/april time) does the magic happen.

oh and here is the step by step breakdown of the last one:

ok thats all folks! I'll probably start a thread some other time. Once i get the current picture sorted... i'll get the basics out and then start posting.
Apologies for the late updates. its taken me over a month to do (i only really worked on it on weekends and even then maybe a couple hours here and there). But the work is done. Not related to games, but i'm using this topic as my art dump for now.

Honestly this has been a seriously intense piece of work that tested my resolve and patience from the word go. I didn't go in with any plans and mission creep began to set in. First it was suppose to be another portrait, then i zoomed out a bit more then i realized i could have more fun and decided on what pose and what character flip flopping all the way. Moral of the story: Concept art is Concept first and art second. have a clear idea what you want and stick with it. Not my style tbh, i generally let intuition guide me and it takes that much longer.

of course, didn't help that i kinda redrew the picture twice. First i did a rough, then i inked it before i started doing actual work. hell, i wanted to do a more compelling background but concluded the person in the picture was more important and the background would have been too distracting. Didn't help i didn't do a full(er) length portrait so i didn't get the chance.

There are problems (like her hand), but honestly at this point i need to move on. I'll learn more if i do lots of practice rather then making an effort in making one really good piece of art. More depressingly, my real life work situation is pretty grim with redundancies looming, i'm prepping for the worst.

hopefully not the last picture this year.
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TLDR: remember i said i was going to put art on hold? i was wrong. heres a POE pic.

Well there i was thinking that i had postponed my hobby in art to learn some IT skills. that's fallen to the way side when the Path of exile art compo was declared. I had just finished vampyr and rather then install a new game, i decided to spend the evening painting an entry in the hopes i would win something. Looking at the competition i can safely say i'm not going to win. Bah.

Rather then focusing purely on Oshabi and harvest content like everyone else, i opted to go a different route for 2 reasons. One, few would go that route and thus i could stand out and maybe win. Like winning the nose picking competition because the heavy hitters and top athletes were competing in the more prestigious main events. Everyone was going to do oshabi in the grove etc or do portraits of her. Secondly i found the content more compelling. What makes a good piece of art? having a story to tell. I guess i found delirium content more compelling and thus decided to go with it.

Surprisingly took me just a week (so maybe 14 hrs?) honeslty i'm a bit disappointed. I had hoped to do one more in the time left (compo doesn't end until 10th august) but i can't come up with any good ideas. I thought maybe the "before" picture but when i played around with thumbnails i wasn't convinced and i couldn't get the feel right. Not that i did it here anyway. My biggest obstacle was the lack of Delirium official content so i had to take some serious liberties to complete and frankly this is my biggest issue with it.



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