Opinions on the Live Service Game Space

Feb 27, 2024
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Hi everyone! I am part of a group of gamers who are conducting a gamer-focused survey on the Live Service Game space. As a player myself, I know LSGs have been a hot topic and our group is aiming to make gamers feel heard in their community and to game developers. By participating in this research you are allowing your (anonymous) opinions to be digested by not only researchers, but enormous gaming companies we could present our findings too. Please participate and make your voices heard in the space. Thank you!

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First of all, I love Pittsburgh PA (where these students college is located)

Ill take the survey as someone who winds up playing games classified as LSGs even if they are FPSs or ARPGs at heart.

Took the survey, i kinda fudge the data because i do spend money on in-game purchases and battlepasses, but i shouldnt have to. LSGs should exist with free battelpasses, cosmetics, shaders etc. etc. especially if you are paying a premium of upwards of 100 bucks.

Expansions, sure, but surveys for LSGs need to reflect that the gaming community generally hates paying for anything on top of a game they shelled considerable money out for. Whales do not represent the majority but it seems developers dont care.
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