Old man wins!

Was playing with my son tonight, and we had to fight this very high level boss dragon. I think it's the highest level in the game. If you die in the fight, you spawn back at the beginning of the dungeon and have to run all the way to the end to get back into the fight. If everyone dies, the boss goes back to full health. So we were fighting this dragon, and he had insane AoE attacks that were impossible to get out of the way from, and they were extremely powerful, each one doing at least half your health. My son must have died at least 6 times. I didn't die at all. Near the end of the fight, he gets exasperated and says, "How are you surviving that!" I said, "You know you are invulnerable when you roll, right?" He then yells, "How do you roll? I didn't know you could roll!"

The moral of this story is that sometimes all it takes for an old man to have an edge is to read the ability descriptions :ROFLMAO:

I would have kept it a secret, but it got kind of hairy some of those times he was running back to the boss...


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