Old games revisited.

Due to covid restrictions and a seriously ill wife i have spent more time at home and more time gaming , the downside is that games with endings get completed quicker so i decided to dig out some games that i have not used for a long time , the following are a list of games i have revisited recently , is fun when you forgot what to do !

1. The Thing.
2.Grim Fandango
3. Escape from monkey island.
4. Skyrim.
5. All the myst games.
6. All the Dragon age games.
7. The Witness

So , what games have you dug out that you have not done for a long time.

Footnote ... The Thing and Grim Fandango were the first 2 pc games i bought.
Played a little bit of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 the other day. At one time I read that he never made another RCT game (he wasn't involved in any of the subsequent games) because RCT2 was basically as perfect as he could make it. I have to agree it's a pretty perfect theme park sim.
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I've been streaming The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall - there is a Unity version which makes the game look more 'up-to-date' than the original.
I'm having fun so far, glad to be streaming it so that people are able to help me when I get stuck.

I recently purchased this CRPG book, so plan on working my way through some of these games.

How about new games that play like old ones? though honestly at this point they are old too.
Classic adventures like
Blackwell series
Dark Eye
Kathy Rain
Heroines Quest, (it's free on steam!)

All are fantastic adventure, if you can deal with 90's styling when it comes to combat, GUI, puzzles and even has survival aspects. I think if any of these games had been released in the mid 90's they would be instant classics. These days so many people pass things up because of pixel graphics and the so called indy game. They are made just like the older days, small teams and fantastic games where the story was the main point of it all.

But here are some older ones i still play,
Omerta City of Gangsters for turn based fun with a twist
Wasteland II for RPG's

Tropico and surprisingly pirates cove which is not tropico but a really fun game

adventures like
The longest journey
Blade runner

Freedom Force, the most underrated game ever made! Though at the time people seamed to love it, it's one of those that gets lost in time. It's not just for comic book fans but it helps. If you love the old batman TV show then you will love this. Great characters, great story, campy and fun and a very solid RTS with pause to boot. It also aged extremly well because of it's pen and ink styling. Still what i would not give to get a remasted or FF3. PS if you wanna buy this get the gog version, the steam one has a nasty curser bug that often does not like to work no mater how many hoops you jump through.

My pandemic games have been Dead in Vinland, Dungeons of Naheulbuek, Oxen free and Jurassic world.


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Sorry to hear you've been stuck inside. Hopefully your wife is recovering ok. Well wishes for you and your family.

I personally revisit CS:GO when I see my brother is online (he'll never stop playing). Into the Breach I'm trying to get victories on normal mode for 2, 3, and 4 islands completed so I go back to that often despite having all achievements unlocked. Dungeon of the Endless is always a blast.

For older games, X-Com UFO Defense - nothing beats the original!
During our last major lockdown I was still coming in to work, I work in a hotel and we were getting two or three guests at a time in our two hundred rooms so most days it was just me at my dock and maybe three or four other people spread throughout the building.

I played Daggerfall Unity on my dodgy work computer every day for weeks.
Concerning games that i revisit frequently, its always Doom 2. Well, i played Doom 2 Wads and typically every weekend afternoon or when i'm playing inbetween 2 different games.

currently its Wolfendoom blade of agony. Replaying through all 3 episodes to remember the story and enjoy/see all the improvements.

prior to that, it was Auger;zenith. It was damn good and it only came runners up in the cacoawards. Wil play the ashen's series next.
The Covoid Plague hasn't really affected what types of games I play, as I was fortunate enough to retire right before the chaos started. I replay more older games per year than I do new releases.

Going back to 2021, some of the older games I replayed:
Skyrim SE & Fallout 4, which I usually play for a few hundred hours nearly every year. Dragon Age 1 & 2, and I hope to get to DA:I this year. Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 (Enhanced Ed), Neverwinter Nights (briefly), Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning, and Sacred 2. There are probably others, but those were the ones that came to mind first.

There were also some "new" games that were remasters of "old" games; same basic gameplay & story, but with better graphics, lighting, and some QOL improvements. Mass Effect Legendary (ongoing), and Diablo 2 Resurrected.