Old Game - Vector World - Little People

Aug 3, 2022
I'm trying to remember the name of an old game - ten or so years old - where you herded little sprite people around in a vector world with trees, etc.
is it a god game? do you have any direct control of the herd or can just sort of nudge them in right direction?

there aren't many games that use vector graphics unless it means something else now. Vector is like Battlezone, and asteroids

It seems an odd tech for a new game to use
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Video_games_with_vector_graphics << only 4 listed and all from 20+ years ago.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Vector_arcade_video_games << more on here but they all from 80's
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Aug 3, 2022
You were more protecting the people from worms that roamed the landscape. The little people farmed, from memory.

Sure it ended with xxxxxRIA - or something very similar. It was really cool.
I think my problem is I have old definition of Vector graphics in my head
the difference isn't as stark anymore so its unclear if game you after is known to be vector graphics

Not Worms I assume

mobile game: https://www.amazon.com/Multinetz-Farm-vs-Worms/dp/B00FA7J6A8
I think the OP probably used the wrong word when they said "vector graphics." Probably thinking more like pixel art or cartoon graphics, or something.
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It probably wasn't this, but was Darwinia what you were thinking of?
i believe you're right. Darwinia had a polygonal graphics and the snakes were the red virus worms. i played it back in the mid 2010s . you're some random user/hacker who finds a way onto a server hosting the darwinnian world on the verge of destruction. The developer ( a clive sinclair like character) grudgingly (more out of desperation) asks for your help in saving darwininia.

The first few tutorial missions tasks players to build a sanctuary and save what's left of the populace before working to save the rest of the world. over time you begin capturing key areas of the world to allow the rebirth of darwinians and ridding the world of the deadly virus. All the while the developer is programming up new units or upgrading existing ones to help in the increasingly threat. Thinking on his feet using unused game assets from somewhere to help.

it played more like cannon fodder as you deploy your squad of anti virus units to kill the monsters and then sent in your space invader like harvester to capture the souls of the slain to be reforged into Darwinians. near the end game there are some strategy elements as you can command the darwinians in basic orders to capture strategic areas, man turrets etc.



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