Non-Fungible Token games

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Mar 28, 2021
Personally I think it's a waste of time. It will be the new CS:GO lootboxes, some people might get rich selling stuff but a whole bunch of people will lose their money in the game.
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NFT games
I assume you mean Non-Fungible Token games?
I didn't realize NFTs had spread to gaming.

Having looked into NFTs for another product area, I agree with @Hitobat—I don't see much benefit in being a buyer, except maybe for early on.

Btw I edited your thread title—"hello" is no help to visitors.


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Maybe not with games, but with assets for games? I don't think there's any significant issues with people claiming an entire game is something they made vs. somebody else but maybe assets within games are another matter?
Jun 8, 2021
I've only heard about blockchain MMOs. From what I've read they sound like they work the same as Second Life.
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