Newb wondering my RAM vs VRAM

Jun 2, 2024
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Hey guys i am a big newb regarding video games on PC (playstation player), but i have a good laptop for working on Adobe suite. I just realized my computer was not using the full RAM when playing Hellblade 2.
I have 32Gb RAM and my task manager is showing only 5Go RAM is used by the game.

More important i just realized there was an other kind of memory called VRAM.

From DirectX i see my graphic card (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070) and appprox Total memory (24216Mo) and VRAM (7948Mo) and shared memory (16268Mo).
Is there anything i can twick to make those values higher like changing the balance to make the game using more memory ?
In the graphic settings of the game i also see a red bar displaying a max VRAM of only 6781Mo ?? How comes this vlaue is not the same than in DirectX ?

Am i ducked or can i have more memory use from my laptop ?

Thanks guys and sorry for my english i'm french
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There really isn't much, if anything, you can do. Hellblade 2 is using as much RAM as it needs and as directed by the developers who wrote the program, and your VRAM just is what it is, really. It isn't ideal (VRAM), but it will do the trick.
laptops are different...
most laptops use the igpu in the CPU to run desktop and use the Nvidia card for Games
So its likely the igpu has access to 50% of that 32gb of ram to use as VRAM.
I don't know how the split works for the 4070

right click start
choose run...
type dxdiag and press enter
You might have 2 display tabs, as they both probably show different gpu
what is showing as shared memory for the 4070?

one of the cards might have 16gb or perhaps it splits them between both. Its not like the ram will ever be used by both at same time, so its hard to say without looking.


I don't think you can increase it as such.

some laptops don't have an igpu but most do.
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Jun 6, 2024
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Laptops vary widely in their configurations. Typically, most laptops utilize the integrated GPU (iGPU) in the CPU for running desktop applications, while the Nvidia card is reserved for gaming. It's common for the iGPU to access up to 50% of the system's 32GB of RAM as VRAM. However, the specific memory allocation for the Nvidia 4070 GPU can differ, and the exact split isn't clear.