New World and GPU

Sep 2, 2020
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Hi all.

Not so long ago I read a few articles (some of them here on Pc Gamer) stating that New World has damaged/destroyed the graphic cards of a lot of players.

Since I'm interested in playing this game and own an RTX2080 Super, which I aim to use at least until 2025 and with no intention to replace/upgrade, my question is: is this true? Am I gonna get my graphic card destroyed if I play this game?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Hi, seems to be a small number of 3000 series cards that are having the problem. I think you will be O.K.

Make sure you monitor your card temperatures to make sure. Run something like HWinfo or GPUZ in the background and make sure your temperatures are under 80C while gaming and you should be fine.
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