Question New RAM causing pc to not boot

Oct 25, 2020
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I recently bought some Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb ram at 3200mhz and my pc is not turning on with the new ram. I have an asus tuf b450m plus motherboard and a ryzen 5 2600. Im pretty new to building pc and I’m wondering why my pc isn’t booting anymore and what I can do to get it to boot. Thanks!
First off try reinstalling the sticks and make sure they are seated properly. Check all your other connections to make sure no other cables are loose. Make sure everything is connected and hdds and GPU seated and connected. Make sure your PSU is turned on at the back switch. (I've done that a few times myself)

Does it boot at all and then freezes with the power on or are you not getting any power to the motherboard, any LEDS on? Are the fans spinning?

If you put the old RAM back in does it boot then?