Solved New 2 RAM not working together - GE62 7RE Apache Pro

Mar 20, 2022
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Hi, that may be long, so thank you for reading and trying to help (and sorry for the faults, English not first language)

So Firstly, I have an MSI ge62 7RE Apache Pro (
I currently have 16Go in RAM (2x8, only 2 slot in pc)

And i wanted to upgrade to 32Go (2x16). The pc can go to max 32 go it was specified in the above link.

And to be sure to buy the right RAM i used Crucial to see what was compatible and where I could buy it (

Here is the Result (sorry its in French but it just says that the best are these 2 RAM at 16Go)
And Here is the link of the RAM (



So i tried to change the 2 old RAM with the 2 new but black screen (no acces to Bios or WIndows, can do nothing at the start)
So I tried to put back the old 2 one to see if everything was ok everything was normal.
I tried 2 times with only 1 of the new one and 0 old one and still black screen.

So I tried 1 old and 1 new and miracle that booted and WIndows was working perfectly and the RAM was recognized and I had now 24go usable.
I tried the same with the other new Ram and that was the same as just before so they are working perfectly.

SO to make it simple the 2 new RAM are only working when coupled with an old one and I would like to have the 2 at the same time.


- I tried every combination to verify that they were working (and I only have 2 slot)
- I reset my CMOS (take back battery, press 30 second on power to drain pc and wait 30min) but changed nothing
- I I have Disabled Fast Boot.
-I flashed my Bios (with 2018 version of MSI site) but i can't do the update of 2021 because Live Update 6 is not working on my pc and when I just try the .exe of the update the Bios stay at the 2018 version

And I think that's all. Thank you for reading and your future help.
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